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An ESPN Regular

For the last couple months, Iowa Filmmakers has been producing biweekly episodes for ESPN’s College Football Daily.

You can find them on all this playlist.

Here is our final episode:

Covenant People Respond – Joplin, Missouri

This video was shot and edited over a 48 hour period. It was created for Covenant People Respond (CPR), a non-profit that provides support services for volunteers at disaster sites.

Thanks to Ryan Cavanaugh of Lecompton Alternate for providing additional footage and working as camera op during interviews.

Pressure Adaptive Honeycomb

I recently directed and edited a video for Luna Moving Images. The video was created for KU’s School of Engineering to promote a technology being developed called “Pressure Adaptive Honeycomb”. It is a morphing wing technology that allows airplane wings to change shape without flaps or moving parts.

This video was written and produced by Jay Luna.