A :30 national commercial that aired on NBC Sports during the 2017 NASCAR Hollywood Casino 400.

Marshalltown needed to announce the availability of their Power Trowel Blades at Lowes stores. Scott Siepker and I were tasked with creating a commercial that would speak to an extremely targeted audience while still maintaining national appeal.

I wrote a concept that incorporated this dilemma via self-aware humor, Scott brought the puns, and a week later we had this ready to air.

It was produced by Scott Siepker, directed by me, written by the two of us, and lit by Jon Van Allen and Christopher Cook.

Napoleon In Iowa

Napoleon in Iowa” was a four-part, multi-state television campaign created for Travel Iowa and ZLR Ignition during an accelerated one-month pre-production process for the 2015 vacation season.

My task, along with the Iowa Filmmakers team, was to create a memorable campaign that would highlight the state’s unsung qualities while standing apart from the usual tourism commercial.

Our answer was to send Napoleon Bonaparte to Iowa 200 years after he had sold it to the United States.

Iowa. The one that got away.

The Napoleon series made a significant splash on social media, receiving over 400,000 views on YouTube alone. It had regular television exposure on stations in Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Kansas City. Our campaign tagline, “This is Iowa,” was adopted as the Iowa’s tourism slogan.

‘Napoleon in Iowa’ was renewed for the 2016 season.

Life of a Document

Not every product is easy to describe – sometimes you need a giant felt costume.

When challenged by software developer Workiva to come up with a humorous webvideo to explain their wDesk suite, I came up with a universe in which the pitfalls of document version control are acted out in life size.

Iowa Nice

The Iowa Nice series began as a web film I wrote during the 2012 Iowa Caucuses. The video received over 1.8 million views and its character, the “Iowa Nice Guy,” quickly grew into a hometown hero. He was featured for two seasons as a segment on ESPN’s College Football daily, as well as in live appearances on multiple national networks, including MSNBC and CNN.

The weekly ESPN segments were written and produced locally by the Iowa Filmmakers team. Our challenge was to create original commentary on the week’s happenings in college football that would be aired the following day.

The original Iowa Nice was parodied and quoted across platforms from Buzzfeed to the Colbert Report. Rachel Maddow called it “the single most entertaining political ad to come out of Iowa,” and it was an official Honoree at the 16th Annual Webby Awards.

(NSFW: contains adult language. At work? View the clean version)

Good Land

This short film was created for Northwest Iowa Development as part of a combined web and television campaign.

The assignment was to come up with a short narrative film that would highlight the benefits of their region.

A 30-second version was aired in surrounding television markets.