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I decided to get back into the habit of shooting for shooting’s sake, so I pulled of the road on the way back from Lawrence and got this footage from Shawnee Mission Park (Kansas).

I’ve recently been obsessing about the arrival of the Lytro camera, a revolution in camera technology which effectively eliminates the lens and the need to focus while shooting. Focus (and depth of field) is such a fundamental part of the art of photography that loosing it feels like loosing the art itself.

Therefore, I went a little overboard on this one.

Beautiful Spring

As I was driving by a park near my house this morning I noticed it was covered by an unusual layer of fog from melting lake-ice. My camera was in the car.

I was also listening to Arcade Fire.

“Two Firsts” – Canon 550D Test Footage

Yesterday I smoked ribs for the first time.  It was also my first day of owning a DSLR.   I decided to film the process in order to get to know my camera.  The followings is a quick montage I created from the footage: