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An ESPN Regular

For the last couple months, Iowa Filmmakers has been producing biweekly episodes for ESPN’s College Football Daily.

You can find them on all this playlist.

Here is our final episode:

Marooned Pilot Episode

We shot a concept pilot for a comedy TV series back in February. We decided it’s finally time for the world to see it:

Animal Justice League

This “just for fun” project was filmed in the spirit of the 48-Hour Film Festival: get people together, come up with an idea, and shoot it. We took a bit longer that 48 hours, but the end product is a lot of fun:

The Iowa Nice Guy on ESPN!

What a day. A producer at ESPN noticed our “College Nice” series and asked us to make a contribution to his show, “College Football Daily.” Fans of the original “Iowa Nice” will recognize the iconic cake fireplace.

2012 Reel

Selected clips from my favorite projects over the last few years.

As a freelancer, a fair amount of my work has involved other production companies. As such, I have included descriptions of my role within each project as well as the name of the parent company.

Quiet Forest

This video was released as an Iowa Filmmakers “Valentine’s Day Special”.

This short film was shot and edited over a two-day period. All effects are live, no CG of any kind.

Iowa Nice

Less than 48 hours ago Scott Siepker and I started working on a video that just went viral. It is the “8th hottest” item on Reddit’s front page and will be featured on several media outlets, including a probable mention on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show.

People who know me might be a bit surprised at the language and tone of the piece. Our goal was to create a character that was the precise opposite of the Iowan stereotype. I admit we may have gone a bit overboard with the profanity, but most viewers seem to be interpreting the video in the spirit it was intended, which is tongue-in-cheek and ultimately light-hearted. A very warm thank you to everyone who helped make this a success by spreading it around. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a link to a version with certain words edited out:

UPDATE: “Iowa Nice” eventually made the front page of YouTube, was featured by MSNBC, CNN and the BBC, several prominent blogs (Huffington Post, the Atlantic and GQ), as well as numerous regional news outlets. Several days later, it surpassed 1,000,000 views.


I decided to get back into the habit of shooting for shooting’s sake, so I pulled of the road on the way back from Lawrence and got this footage from Shawnee Mission Park (Kansas).

I’ve recently been obsessing about the arrival of the Lytro camera, a revolution in camera technology which effectively eliminates the lens and the need to focus while shooting. Focus (and depth of field) is such a fundamental part of the art of photography that loosing it feels like loosing the art itself.

Therefore, I went a little overboard on this one.