Paul d.h. Benedict

Director & Producer

Bellingham, Washington


Your story is in the right hands

Story matters. It’s what allows us to see through another’s eyes and walk a few feet in another’s shoes. But stories are also fragile, easily lost or miscommunicated. In order for your story to be received by your audience, it must first be understood by everyone on the team responsible for bringing it to life.

That’s where the director comes in. I make sure everyone coming to the table has the clarity, tools, and direction they need to partner together in the creative process. I am a collaborative, relationship-focused filmmaker, and I know how much your story matters to you.

What I Do


I start by uncovering what each team member brings to the table and clear any obstacles standing between them and their best work. Clearly articulated vision + talented, empowered people = good art. 


I enjoy working with clients to find the heart of their story and match it with a concept that will effectively convey it to the world. We can start from scratch or refine an existing concept.

Field Work

Many stories are best told by the people involved. Whether your organization is large or small, the story local or remote, hopeful or tragic, I can bring the experience and empathy to be sure it is professionally told, and most importantly, human.

Client Reel

A visual tour of some of my favorite client projects

Dramatic & Creative Reel

Original scripted and documentary content made for the love of story 

Sample Projects

Examples of my favorite projects over the years, both large and small.


Some of the organizations I've worked with over my career.

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